>> Moscow – 21.07.2007

Moscow Philharmonic presents:

Festival "Musical Summer in Manors and Palaces of Moscow"
Durasov's Palace in Manor "Lublino"

1 part

M. Glinka

F. Poulenc

J. Brahms
Hungarian Dances, First book

2 part

S. Taneev
Prelude and Fuga gis-moll îđ.29

J. Brahms
Variations on Haydn's Theme op.56b

M. Ravel
Choreographic poem "La Valse"

Beginning at 15.00
Tickets are available before the concert
Address: Letnyaya str.1, bld.1
Metro «Volzhskaya»
Metro «Volzhskaya»
Telephone: (495) 699-5322, 350-1553

Moscow Philharmonic