We are very happy to announce the release of our new CD which is called "Suites from ballets" with the music by Tchaikovsky. If you would like to have a look on it just click here, and if you want to listen to music examples you are kindly welcome there.

| 2018 - 2019

>> Perm 25.09.2018
Perm philharmonic
Gershwin tribute (120-th anniversary)

>> Kirov 26.09.2018
Kirov music college - master-class

>> Kirov 26.09.2018
Kirov philharmonic
Gershwin tribute (120-th anniversary)

>> Stavropol 27-30.09.2018
Maxim is a Jury member of the competition "Wind Rose"
Master-classes for children

>> Arkhangelsk 06.10.2018
Arkhangelsk philharmonic
Symphonic masterpieces

>> South Korea 16-20.10.2018
Concert tour

>> Petrozavodsk 12.11.2018
Petrozavodsk conservatoire
Master-class and concert
announcement >>

>> Moscow 25.11.2018
Moscow Philharmonic Presents:
Abonnement 232. "What does music speak about?" Sunday concerts for children and youth
Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens
Beginning at 15.00
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>> Kursk 22.12.2018
Irina is a Jury member of the regional piano competition

>> Dzerzhinsk 15.12.2018
Maxim is a Jury member of youth competition "Carousel of the Earth"

>> Moscow 25.01.2019
Moscow conservatoire
Irina and Maxim hold master-class

>> Tver 01.02.2019
Tver philharmonic
His Majesty Waltz
Strauss, Brahms, Schubert-Prokofiev, Reger, Ravel

>> Moscow 13.02.2019
All-Steinway pianos music school
"Mostly Mozart"

>> Moscow 21.02.2019
House of composers
"Mostly Mozart"

>> Kineshma 23.02.2019
Irina is a Jury member of the youth competition

>> Shushenskoe 23-24.02.2019
Maxim is a Jury member of the Piano Duo competition "Harmony - 2019"

>> Dzerzhinsk 27.02.2019
"Mostly Mozart"

>> Moscow 03.03.2019
Small hall of Moscow conservatoire
"Mostly Mozart"
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>> Vologda 10.03.2019
Vologda philharmonic
Russian Suite

>> Vologda region 11-20.03.2019
Musical and educational tour across Vologda region

>> Novgorod 21.03.2019
Novgorod philharmonic
Russian Suite

>> Kolomna 30.03.2019
Irina is a Jury member of the youth competition

>> Moscow 05.04.2019
Prokofiev museum
Opening concert of II Piano duo Festival

>> Domodedovo 19.04.2019
Maxim is a Jury member of the youth competition "7 notes"

>> Moscow 29.05.2019
Maxim is a Jury member of the youth competition "Steps to Parnassus"

>> Ulan-Ude 23-30.06.2019
Maxim holds master-classes on Baikal Lake

>> Suzdal 01-15.07.2019
Irina holds master-classes during summer school "New names"